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iMap My Family's Kindness Project: Let's Care & Share!

9 June 2021


Too often we underestimate the Power of a Touch, a Smile, a Kind Word, a Listening Ear, an Honest Compliment, OR the smallest Act of Caring; all of which have the potential to Turn A Life Around. ~ Leo Buscaglia ~

Parent-Child relationship has great impact on the lives of parents and their children. A good and harmonious relationship will enhance children/youth’s performance in school, help parents work better professionally and lay the foundations for both to grow in their life journeys.

A positive and cohesive home environment established with family values/virtues will nurture children & youths to grow with good self-esteem and be happier; and in turn, they are capable of making a difference to others with empathy and kindness.

Through this project, Parent & Child pairs will discover the power of a possibilities mindset and establish positive family values together, focusing on the virtue of "Care" this June School Holiday.

Parents will involve their child(ren) in planning for a Kindness Project to care & share with their communities during this pandemic and make a positive impact together as a family.

Materials required for participation

Participants to prepare Blank Paper, Coloured Pens/Markers.

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