DADs for Life would like to salute all Dads this Father's Day for overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19. In addition to adjusting to new situations at work, Dads have worked hard to protect and provide for their families. Many fathers are more engaged with shared parenting in the home, through greater involvement in household chores and the children's home-based learning. Regardless of the circumstances faced by every family, Dads are seizing every teachable moment to help their children learn about resilience in adverse situations. At CFF, our work to drive our nation-wide fathering movement DADs for Life continues despite the challenges as we strive to inspire and mobilise fathers to become more involved with and a good influence to their children. In 2019 to 2020, we equipped 10,610 fathers and engaged 300,000 families annually. We desire to do more. The pandemic will not stop us. Help us equip more fathers in 2021.

, together we can help eradicate fatherlessness and strengthen families in Singapore.